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During the course of this program I am grateful having a knowledgable and positive instructor Erika. She never failed to answer every questions I had in class. She's cool and hilarious teacher. Thank you very much Erika for the all the support and continuously sharing your knowledge to us. Such an amazing experience!

Jesseca Mochalov

I have 32 years experience in dental administration as well as I am a certified Orthodontic Assistant. I am 55 years old and work for a pediatric dentist. I decided to get my EFDA certificate so I can help out in the office. I was worried because I have PTSD and I have problems with memory and comprehension. Well no worries here my friends. The 10 week dental assisting program on Saturdays has been a blessing in disguise. Kim has been The BEST "Bomb Diggity" Instructor ever. Knowledgeable, patient, kind and she wants you to succeed. That is what she is there for. She tells you that right off the bat. The office where the class is being held looks like your actually in a dental room. I would soooo highly recommend Dental Assistant Institute. If I can do it, so can you.

Victoria Clark

I have been attending the Friday class and I have to say that Erika is such an amazing instructor, very knowledgeable, sweet and always has a positive attitude to teach all of us. We are very lucky to have her as our instructor. Thank you Erika for all your patience.

Karen McPhee

I was enrolled in the Saturday Class with Mrs. Kim and she was the best. I drove from Tallahassee every Saturday morning @ 0330am to get to school along with my best friend Erica Neal. It was a great experience and I learned so much about dentistry while attending this program. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in dentistry. FYI the program need to be extended to different cities in the future just my opinion.

Marcia James

I attended the Friday class and Erika was the best instructor. She was very patient with us and helped us understand everything. I would definitely recommended Dental Assistant Institute it was a great and fast course.

Roxana Araujo

Had a great experience! My teacher was Erika she’s the best!!!

Ashley S

I am a CDA/RDA in NJ for 20yrs looking to move to FL and needed my certification. I attended the Friday Morning Combo class with Erika on 6/25/2022. Erika made the experience fun and educational, answering all questions with patience and guidance. I would highly recommend DAI.

Diana Veltri

Erika is absolutely amazing.
If you need your certification THIS is the place to obtain it. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. The environment is welcoming.

N. Hicks

The idea of going back to school for any length of time was scary. This worked for me, as I'm changing careers. The class is small, it gives you one on one attention. They are very detailed orientated and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the class. I recommend the school.

Kimberly Degren

I would highly recommend the Saturday classes! Erika and Kim are extremely understanding and patient. They have a wealth of knowledge that they share with their students. The environment that they have created is welcoming and comforting.

Jessica Maes

So... at my age, 49, I was hesitant to enroll and start a new career. I was terrified of failing and filled with self-doubt. From the beginning of this journey. ERIKA AND KIM eased my mind and were extremely patient with all of us. MAKING SURE we understood the lesson for the day, and even offered to stay late for some one on one if needed. I can’t express how awesome these two are as teachers. They explain every technique in a way that makes it easy for us students to “grasp”. Wendy and Becky are equally awesome. Always available to help with advice on internship or anything else.

Joellen Buzbee

If you are thinking about attending Dental Assisting Institute, the dental assisting experience you will get is so worth the investment!! I have completed multiple internships after receiving my Certificates from their program and I have about 2 years of dental assisting experience now. Erika and Debbie will guide you step by step and help you as much as they can when you begin your journey! In July, I will be starting dental school and I will forever be grateful for my experience at Dental Assisting Institute. Thank you so much Wendy, Erika, and Debbie.

Sam Rivera

First off I want to praise God for leading me to such a great program and for getting me through the course. I recently attended their express course on Saturdays and I really had an awesome experience. This class was fast paced affordable, and had a great hands on Lab. I absolutely enjoyed my experience here, and they are a very supportive team and actually more like family. I appreciate the owner and all her patience. I am now working on my externship! Lords will I’ll be done and ready to start my career in about 2 months or so... I hope this helps God bless ♥️

Brianna Bell

I attended the Dental Assisting Institute's Saturday class. I enjoyed every bit of the experience and I’m forever grateful for the knowledge that I gained from instructors Kim & Erika. They really made sure you understand what is needed in the field as far as taking impressions, basic tray set up, taking xrays and four handed dentistry. If you are looking for a school to attend for dental I would definitely choose Dental Assisting Institute. My sister and I attended together and drove 3 hours just to attend & it was worth it! I am now working in a local dentist office in my area & I love it. Thank you Erika, Kim, Debbie & Wendy for the great convenient program.

Janessia Wright

I took the Saturday course and it fit perfectly in my schedule. The instructors are awesome! Debbie and Erika make sure they prepare you for the real world in the dentistry field! They make the course fun and a great learning experience. I can’t wait to start my journey as a dental assistant!

Jennifer B

Amazing Teachers, Erika and Debbie explain everything and are very patient and understanding.. It is a fast paced class and you do have to study but definitely worth the effort you need to put into it.

Katalina Toretto

I highly recommend Dental Assisting Institute. Erika and Kim are the best instructors, very patient, knowledgeable with a lot of practical experience!!

Oksana Midyk

I am in the process of applying to dental school, so I took this class to gain my experiences in the dental field. This was AMAZING experiences. The class was small. KIM, my teacher was AWESOME. She was always looking over our shoulders and guide us in right ways to take x-ray, impression, four hands techniques by both left and right hand (yeah, awesome). She taught us from her experiences, from her heart. She added on extra days for us just to practice. She wanted us to learn and raise up our confidence after we are done with school. Beside Kim, the principal of the school Wendy is super nice too. She and Becky personally helped look for my externship. Many times, I ran into her office asking for her help. With no hesitation, Wendy was happy, and agreed to be my reference for any dental school application. Then, I ran into Pat another staff of Dental Assistant Institute that I didn’t know at the dental clinic. Just like Kim, she showed me and taught me many things on hand on patients. ALL THE STAFF WERE AWESOME.

Chau Nguyen

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