Chau Nguyen

I am in the process of applying to dental school, so I took this class to gain my experiences in the dental field. This was AMAZING experiences. The class was small. KIM, my teacher was AWESOME. She was always looking over our shoulders and guide us in right ways to take x-ray, impression, four hands techniques by both left and right hand (yeah, awesome). She taught us from her experiences, from her heart. She added on extra days for us just to practice. She wanted us to learn and raise up our confidence after we are done with school. Beside Kim, the principal of the school Wendy is super nice too. She and Becky personally helped look for my externship. Many times, I ran into her office asking for her help. With no hesitation, Wendy was happy, and agreed to be my reference for any dental school application. Then, I ran into Pat another staff of Dental Assistant Institute that I didn’t know at the dental clinic. Just like Kim, she showed me and taught me many things on hand on patients. ALL THE STAFF WERE AWESOME.